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About Us

While Paul M Jones lumber Co. has always been family owned it has not always been the modern facility it is today. With a much more humble beginning in 1918 William Jones began with a small mule logging team. Later joined by his son, the Jones family began expanding their milling operation. The early years were very different. The family would purchase the land and timber and set up a small steam powered sawmill on the site to process the timber as they cut it. When finished on that site they would move their entire operation to the next site and start again. 


In 1984, the company moved their portable sawmills, the pole and piling operation, and offices to our present location in Snow Hill, Maryland. After setting up a more permanent location the company no longer purchased large amounts of land but instead bought the logging rights to the land. They would clear the trees and move them to the sawmill. 

In 1992 The company built a new automated sawmill. This sawmill was very advanced for its time and increased production substantially. 


Paul M Jones Lumber Co. exclusively cuts loblolly pine also known as southern yellow pine and most of the trees sawn come from a 90 mile radius. In the old days the company would log its own timber but has since moved to the utilization of independent loggers. 

After arriving in Snow Hill logs are sorted according to designated use weather that be for lumber or piling. After sawing, lumber is kiln dried, planed and shipped. 

Our products have been used in many notable places including:

Piling for the 1930’s World’s Fair

Restoration of the Statue of Liberty

The boardwalk in Ocean City, Maryland

Currently we ship products worldwide and our lumber has been used in the restoration of many castles and historic buildings across Europe. We also ship to the Middle East and Japan. 

Domestically most of our lumber goes to the north east region of the United States. 


There is a high recovery rate of usable products in the lumber industry and Paul M Jones Lumber Co. isn’t an exception to that. Sawdust is used in the poultry industry as chicken litter and eventually agricultural fertilizer, shavings from our planer operation are used for horse bedding, wood chips are used not only to fire our kilns but also used to make paper products and bark is used to make mulch. 

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