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Loaded Paul Jones Lumber Company Truck

A Legacy of Quality and Sustainability

At Paul M Jones Lumber Co., our story is one of evolution and a commitment to excellence. Established in 1918 by the visionary William Jones, our journey began with a small mule logging team and a dream. Over a century later, we've grown from our humble beginnings into a modern and innovative lumber facility that stands as a testament to our enduring family legacy.

The Early Years:
In the early days, our family-owned company purchased land and timber, setting up steam-powered sawmills on-site to process the very trees we harvested. Our operation was nomadic, moving from one site to the next as we cleared and processed the timber.

Putting Down Roots:
In 1984, we made a significant move to our present location in Snow Hill, Maryland. This shift allowed us to create a more permanent and efficient operation, moving away from land purchase to obtaining logging rights. We cleared the trees and brought them to our sawmill.

Pioneering Excellence:
1992 marked a milestone as we constructed an advanced, automated sawmill, increasing our production capacity.

Southern Yellow Pine Specialists:
Paul M Jones Lumber Co. has always been synonymous with loblolly pine, also known as southern yellow pine. Our commitment to quality starts with sourcing our trees from within a 90-mile radius, ensuring that we maintain the highest standards throughout our production process.

Global Reach:
Our products have made their mark across the world. From the piling used in the 1930's World's Fair to the restoration of iconic landmarks like the Statue of Liberty and the boardwalk in Ocean City, Maryland, our lumber has been a part of history. Today, our products are shipped worldwide, contributing to the restoration of castles and historic buildings across Europe and reaching destinations in the Middle East and Japan. Domestically, most of our lumber finds its home in the northeastern United States.

Sustainability at the Core:
We take pride in our commitment to sustainability. In the lumber industry, the recovery rate of usable products is paramount, and we're no exception. Our sawdust is repurposed in the poultry industry as chicken litter and agricultural fertilizer, while shavings from our planer operation become comfortable horse bedding. Wood chips not only fuel our kilns but also contribute to the creation of paper products, and bark is transformed into mulch.


At Paul M Jones Lumber Co., we've come a long way from our early days, but our core values of family, quality, and sustainability remain unwavering. We look forward to continuing our journey, providing top-quality products and playing our part in the responsible stewardship of our natural resources.

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